People Are Loving The Brilliant Way This Teen Reused Her Graduation Gown She Paid ‘Too Much Money’ For

Every high school and college student knows that graduation is a big deal, but, it also costs big bucks.
Besides the “fees” and “dues” that you have to pay your school so they can actually afford to put on a graduation ceremony, you also have to shell out some big numbers for a cap and gown. Many schools have caps and gowns that are specific colors, which may change year after year, or depending on what “department” or “honor roll” you’re graduating from. It’s pretty difficult to find a situation which you would be able to reuse your graduation gown again unless of course you have a younger sibling going to the same school and they don’t change the colors by then. So, what can you really do with your $50-$100 graduation gown? Not much besides wear it to graduation, right?


One teen found the perfect way to reuse her graduation gown after realizing she had spent $58 on it–a lot of money for a high school student. 18-year-old Paw Bweh said she had purchased her cap and gown “last minute” because she had just paid for prom (including dress, makeup, hair, tickets, etc.) and shelling out another fee was just “too much.”


When Bweh took a shower the other day and realized her bathrobe was in the wash, she found the next best thing to wrap herself in–her graduation gown. Not for nothing, they do look like bathrobes (just, probably less “fluffy). But, Bweh even found a way to include her graduation chords in her masterpiece as well.


Bweh told BuzzFeed her actual bathrobe was in the washing machine and she improvised by using her graduation gown. But, she realized it was a pretty useful way to reuse your over-priced gown.

After sharing it on social media, people were in love with the hilarious idea.

Some even decided to recreate her idea for themselves.

And, Bweh decided to use it again more than once and wore it out while shopping, too.


This is the kind of innovation we need in the world.