Teen Takes Home A Cat, Awkwardly Finds Out It Already Belongs To Someone Else

When it comes to stray animals, some of us can’t help but feel broken. Our hearts ache when we see cats and dogs who have no home and no one to love and care for them. So, what do we do? Bring them home with us, of course.
One Texas student, JulietteAvitia, was at a party when she saw an adorable stray cat walking around outside. Immediately, she knew she needed to bring him home with her. She told BuzzFeed:

We pulled up to the party and he was right in front of the house just meowing, and I immediately grabbed him and looked at my friends Brooklyn and Sasha and said, ‘We have to take him home’.”


Avitia posted the story on her Snapchat, excited about her new kitten. But, she received a message from someone she never expected–the cat’s actual owner. It turns out, the person who invited her the party owned the cat.


Embarrassed, Avitia shared the story to Twitter, saying…

People online were calling her out for basically robbing someone of their pet.

It turns out, the reason that the cat was outside is because the owner had him as an “outdoor cat.” He had been looking for the cat the entire morning after the party, but after seeing how happy Avitia was and how well he was being taken care of, he told her she can keep the kitten.

Avitia said that she and her roommates named him “P.A,” pronounced paw, but stands for “Party Animal.”

At least this story has a happy ending!