The 5 Stages of Grief When You’re Still Having Sex with Your Ex

Image via Cosmopolitan
Image via Cosmopolitan

If you’ve yelled at a friend for banging their ex post break-up, raise your hand.

If you’ve then turned around and ignored your own advice, raise it even higher.

…Welcome to the club.

Whenever our friends try to sleep with their exes – or even just text them – it’s our instinct to ask them what the hell they’re doing and tell them to stop that shit right now. But, of course, when we find ourselves in a similar situation, we convince ourselves that one little text won’t hurt, and hey, even if we’re not getting back together, at least the break-up sex will be hot.

Then we enter the ninth circle of hell, otherwise know as…

The 5 Stages of Grief When You Just F***ed Your Ex.

1. Denial

“I was drunk, so I can just pretend it never happened.”



“If you bang your ex and don’t tell anyone… that means it doesn’t count, right?”



“He only gave me head, so it’s basically like nothing happened.”



Written by Brittany Shulman

Brittany is a New Jersey native living in Austin, Texas. She loves dogs, bad reality television, and politics.