25 Things Only True Childhood Best Friends Understand

Having a best friend from childhood is a rare gem in life. All of us grow up close to others, but some of us end up drifting away from our once “best friend.” The memories, the happiness, and the conversations drift away with them.
But, for those of us who have a best friend since childhood who is still by our side, there are a few things we all know to be true.

25. You have more stories about each other than your local library.

24. And, you've shared every single secret with each other.

23. Which means you have a ton of blackmail on them, so they really have to be in your life forever.

22. They know about your first love.

21. And, your first heartbreak.

20. And, the first time you had sex.

19. You have over a dozen embarrassing pictures of and with each other–even from elementary school.

18. They're the first person you text when you have huge news.

17. And, you can't make a big decision without their opinion.

16. You share each other's clothes so much you forgot what belongs to who.

15. Your parents are like their second parents, and vice-versa.

14. They usually come to your house for the holidays–at least for dessert.

13. You make sure their birthday is like a giant national holiday every single year.

12. They are, without a doubt going to be your maid-of-honor.

11. It's physically impossible to lie to them.

10. When you go too long without seeing each other, it feels like a piece of you is missing.

9. You've had more sleepovers with them than anyone else in the world.

8. And, have tons of sleepover traditions you follow even as adults.

7. You make sure that your commute to work is somewhat near theirs, so you can stop for happy hour drinks on those rough days.

6. You have 7 conversations going at once–on G-chat, text message, Snapchat, and even phone calls at the same time.

5. You have more photos of them in your camera roll than anyone else.

4. You feel like they're the only person you can be 110% yourself around.

3. You've learned every important life lesson with them by your side.

2. You two have planned your futures together, even having kids around the same time.

1. Nothing and no one can ever replace them–ever.