35 Things That Can Destroy Your Long-Term Relationship For Good

Being in a relationship takes a lot of work and effort. Not only do you need to work on doing things that will keep your relationship healthy, you also need to ensure you don't do certain things–like cheating on your partner.

While it's true for many people that cheating is a deal-breaker, there are a lot of other things that can destroy a relationship for good. One Reddit user asked others to share what they believe can completely destroy a relationship, aside from cheating. You're going to want to write a few of these down.


Emotional detachment.

You become roommates living separate lives and it's hardly ever mutual.



Resentment from letting a small issue fester to the point that it becomes a large one.

Or resentment from thinking you were fine with the conditions of the relationship, only to realise that you thought you were fine and are in fact, very much not fine with the conditions of the relationship.



If one person gets too comfortable, sometimes they take the other person for granted. They stop trying as hard as they used to. But it takes 2 to make a relationship. And when only one person is fighting to make it work.. it falls apart.



Financial struggles.

I promise you money trouble can kill a relationship faster than almost anything else.




The decision of whether or not to have children is arguably the most important decision you will ever make with the most significant consequences if the wrong decision is made. It's simply not for every couple despite the ever present anthropological desire to procreate. Unplanned/unwanted children can completely compromise an otherwise happy relationship.



Contempt, man. A coworker of mine was engaged to get married, but whenever her fiance came into the cafe, she looked at him with such contempt in her eyes that the first time I ever saw them interact, I thought he was a stalker and was about to ask “is this guy bothering you?” Anyway, I was convinced she was going to call off the wedding, but they went through with it. …And then 3 months later, I found out that they're getting a divorce or annulment or whatever. I called it the second I saw them together. A relationship already has to be kinda on its way to being over to get to that point, but once there's contempt it's pretty much dead and there's no going back.



The feeling of indifference. Never wanting to choose sides. Just letting things happen as they happen



Stupid ultimatums



There's pretty much 2: 1.Lying 2. Not having needs met, which everything else ultimately boils down to. Ie distance, not being intimate enough, not communicating, not spending enough time together, spending too much time together and not having an identity outside of a couple, etc.



Dead bedrooms.