20+ Things That Have Happened To Literally Everyone, Just F**king Admit It

17. Sounding out weird words in your head when you spell them.

16. When you ham it up to avoid feeling guilty about free samples.

15. The upside-down plate trick.

14. That emo car-ride moment.

13. The passive-aggressive waiting you do when your friend is picking you up.

12. When you gotta glare to shame the people around you into silence.

11. When you laugh-along to get-along.

10. That irrational fear of the store alarms.

9. Racing with the microwave.

8. Pretending that the ’90s are closer than they really are.

7. When you give up while unwrapping a Starburst.

6. That sense of sniffly regret.

5. Feigning enthusiasm about future plans.

4. That post-checkout chaos of putting change into your wallet.

3. The unpleasant “reveal” before your haircut.

2. Trying to talk yourself down after a scary movie.

1. When you act like your insomnia isn’t gonna ruin your morning.

H/T BuzzFeed