18 Things You’re Gonna Need If You’ve Been Recently Dumped

Breakups are excruciatingly difficult, especially if they’re not mutual (which, let’s be honest, they almost never are). In the aftermath of a split, it can be difficult to find moments of comfort amid the overwhelming and uncomfortable feelings of change.

If you or your friend has recently been dumped, then there are some necessary breakup survival items that you’re going to need, stat.

18. Some USB-powered heated narwhal slippers. ($24.91)

You need all the snuggly things you can get right now.

17. Printable “Breakup Survival Kit” wine bottle labels. ($9)

If you’re going to be drinking, you might as well do it with a good sense of humor.

16. A phone case that will remind you not to text your ex. ($12.99)


15. A new shade of kickass lipstick. ($27)

The NARS Velvet Matte Lipstick Pencil in “Cruella” will make you feel like a bold, new, single chick.

14. A mug that shrugs him right off. ($11.19)

Coffee has never felt so smug.

13. Or, if you want to be even pettier, a cup for his tears. ($10.99)

During a breakup, you gotta be a little ruthless sometimes.

12. A patch to remind yourself that your heart’s still kickin.’ ($6.85)

Have hope, tender heart!

11. A witchy pin so you’ll always remember that you’re magical. ($11.64)

Maybe you can put a hex on your ex while you’re at it.

10. A pin to remind you that your friends will get you through this. ($10)

Gather your best witches together and roast that jerk.