27 Men Share Their Own Traumatic #MeToo Stories


I was working at a restaurant in Junior College. One day, I was at the grill minding my own business and making chicken tenders when a female employee just a little younger than me walked by and slapped my butt. I shot her an offended, dirty look and she never did it again.



Besides unwanted “massages” from drunk older women I'd say the worst was waking up next to someone I had explicitly stated I wanted nothing to do with. My friends told me she offered to walk me home and I woke up in her bed with no pants on. My last outgoing text was to thos girl that simply said “I don't want to have sex with you, I'm finished my drink and going home.” My friends just laughed even when I showed them the text.



I made the mistake of hooking up with my high school ex as a freshman in college. She was very manipulative and used sex as a weapon. On several occasions would threaten to kill herself if I didn’t have sex with her.

Luckily I was able to meet my current gf who helped me get out of that mess but I’m convinced to this day my ex thinks she did nothing wrong.



Girl at the bar i was dancing with kept sticking her hand down my pants. Kept telling her to stop, she called me a pussy. Walked away and left with my friends, felt kind of violated. Not a huge deal but i've been fortunate in life so far no other examples.



When I was 10-11 my next door neighbors daughter babysat my sister and me a lot. I remember she was 14-15 and very attractive. She raped me at least a dozen times over those 2 years and I've never told anyone. I didn't know what exactly wear hastening, but considering she waited until she put my sister to bed and did it in my room with the lights off, I knew it was supposed to be happening.



I have two. One was a neighbor when I was 11. It was a violent assault. Nothing criminal ever happened because I was too scare to talk about it. The second was a teacher when I was in school. I'm hesitant to give any more info than that because that never got found out either. It was definitely consensual but obviously the age difference and her being in an authoritative position she very easily could have led me to that consent. The result is I've never made a move on a girl first. I'm terrified to ever make them feel like uncomfortable in that way. That's not a negative but it's the only thing that's come of it that has ever kept me from doing anything.



This happened to me in middle school. These girls kept pulling my underwear out of my pants, I was bigger then them, and I knew if I fought back it would have been trouble for me.

I have had my ass grabbed numerous times and those girls cackled at me like witches on Halloween. I knew they didn't actually like me, I was just a play thing to them.

A lot of guys think they want this kind of attention from women, I promise them they don't. It's dehumanizing, not flattery.