20 TV And Movie Couples That Make Us Throw Up In Our Mouths

For many of us, our favorite TV show/movie characters are more important to us than actual people in our lives. It’s no secret that when we get attached to a show, we really get attached.
So, when things happen that we don’t like, we take it super personally–especially when it comes to love. We can’t let writers go ruining our favorite character’s love lives and getting them hurt. I mean truly, what gives? People are sharing the TV show/movie couples that completely pissed them off and some of them are oh sooooo relatable.

20. Jim and Pam on The Office

Pam is so mousy and annoying it just bothered me. Also she was unfaithful in her relationship with Roy, I understand she was unhappy, but you stay loyal until you’re out of the relationship. Karen was way better for Jim. She was prettier and way more fun.


19. Jon Snow and Daenerys on Game of Thrones

The development of their romance was awful and it was Dany demanding he bend the knee and threatening not to help with the war against the Others if he didn’t. Ahh, nothing like falling for a person who won your heart through threats and burned your best friend’s family alive.


18. Ron and Hermione in Harry Potter

I absolutely LOVE Harry Potter but Romione was so wrong on so many levels, they have no chemistry, their marriage should’ve ended in divorce, their personalities are way too conflicting and they were constantly arguing when they were friends so what makes their dating relationship any different. I always found Hermione and Harry a much better fit, even J.K. Rowling agreed herself that their relationship was wrong and she regretted it, I could get more into it but i don’t currently have time xoxo


17. Nick and Jess on New Girl

The first season as a viewer you are PRAYING they get together and then as soon as they do I lost all interest in Jess. They made her less funny and more focused on how she needs Nick. It was so annoying to watch because they fought over the stupidest things. They eventually broke up thank god.


16. Monica and Chandler on Friends

Don’t get me wrong, it’s my all time favorite tv show and I’d never not watch it but after they got together in s5, the entire show revolved around them in some way after that. No matter what happened, they somehow made it about how it affected them and their relationship. Even when Rachel and her sister fought on Thanksgiving, they somehow turned it around and made the plot line of the episode all about Monica and Chandler. No thanks.


15. Maggie and Avery on Grey’s Anatomy

IT IS HORRIBLE. I have watched Greys since the beginning and they are by far the worst couple. I kept wanting for him to get back with April or at least find another girl. Maggie is too all over the place and she is not the right girl for him.


14. Serena and Dan on Gossip Girl

Yes, Serena made her fair share of mistakes, but that’s not equivalent to writing an exposé on all of your friends and family members as well as a blog on all of your friends and classmates. I hate that he was forgiven by the elites for being Gossip Girl and the fact that he got what he wanted by hurting so many people with no punishment whatsoever. Bottom line, Dan is a sociopath and Serena deserved Nate.


13. Rory and Logan on Gilmore Girls

I think Logan was a good person for Rory to date in her young life but not end up with. Logan never got Rory on her deeper level. My favorite example is the purse. He spends a shit ton of money on that purse that Rory never really understood. It was nice he wanted her to have nice things but it was just wasted on her (she initially wanted to need her cords in it!). If he was going to spend that type of money he should’ve thought of something that would’ve mattered to her. This is why I’m team Jess. He got her on a level no one else did. I know he was jerk but we got to see him grow out of that. Logan is Rory’s Christopher and Jess is Rory’s Luke.


12. Nancy and Jonathan on Stranger Things

He followed her around, spied on her and took photos of her without her knowledge. It is the epitome of creepiness, and at no point does he indicate any trace of remorse.


11. Carrie and Big on Sex and the City

They’re both terrible people and they make each other even worse. He can’t do anything right, she can’t communicate what she wants and whatever she does ask of him is too much for him to be bothered about — whether that’s a drawer at his place for her things, or several YEARS later, a chance to go out one night a week. The moment temptation reared its head for Carrie in the second film, she cheated. How are they still a couple?!