19 Tweets That Prove Pokémon Go Saves More Relationships Than Couple’s Therapy

Image via Daily Mail
Image via Daily Mail

It’s been mere months since Pokémon Go took the world by storm, and our lives have been forever changed.

I mean, just look out the window – the streets are filled with zombie-like humans at all hours of the day and night, glued to their phones as they hunt for Pokémon in a desperate attempt to catch ’em all. If you didn’t know what was up, you’d be stocking up on non-perishables and barricading your door to wait for the coming apocalypse.

Of course, it’s not all bad. The app has inspired players to go outside, talk to strangers, and explore areas of their city they never have before. And though historically video games have driven people apart, this one brings players together.

This is no exception for relationships – because now couples finally have a reason to pause Netflix and actually go outside, together, like normal people.

Here are 19 tweets that made us wonder, is Pokémon Go the new couple’s therapy?

1. Now couples have a common goal.

You know, destroying other players in the gym.


2. Going on a romantic walk through the park has a whole new meaning.

Giving your partner a heads up about the Jiggly Puff five feet away is so much more romantic than holding their hand.


3. Kissing in the rain? So last year.

Find a Pikachu instead.

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