10 Types of Sex Every Single Couple Has In A Relationship

Every couple experiences sex together – it's only natural. But, people don't notice that sex comes in different forms, shapes, and sizes. Sometimes, some types of sex are better than others – but there's no denying that we go through them all.

1. Make-Up Sex:

There will be a time when you and your SO get into a pretty bad fight. Actually, there will be a lot of times you and your SO get into fights. Eventually, you're going to make up (hopefully). And, when you do make up, all you want to do is jump their bones. It feels even better because you get all your aggression from the fight out in the bedroom. I bet it'll be some of the best sex you guys have ever had.

2. Groggy, Middle of the Night Sex:

Sometimes you'll get up to go to the bathroom and your boyfriend will wake up because you walk like an elephant. Everyone knows morning wood (or middle of the night wood) is a real thing. So, why not make yourself exhausted by getting down to pound town and falling back asleep blissfully and with a huge O on your side?

3. Kinky Sex:

The kind where you experiment with toys, food, new positions – bringing some hot wax into the bedroom if it means having a great time. There's nothing wrong with switching things up – you should, it's healthy. Plus, if you're feeling like the “spark” is missing from your relationship, spicing things up inside the bedroom can help fix that.

4. Speed Sex:

When you're somewhere that's not your own home and you need to make it a quick-y. Or, when you wake up in the morning and want to squeeze it in before you both head off to work.

5. IOU Sex:

Not everyone is going to hit it every single time – you'll probably have a few occasions where you get off and your SO doesn't (and vice-versa). So, they totally owe you one. Not a huge deal – everyone does it.

6. Making Love Sex:

Sometimes, you light a few candles, scatter roses all over the bed and slow it down. Kissing, touching, slowly whispering in their ear – you know, passion. Making love is a whole different ballgame than just “f*cking.” There's love there – it's steamy and hot and sweaty and blissful.

7. Birthday Sex:

When it's your birthday, they're all about you. When it's their birthday, you're all about them. No better way to celebrate the day you were born than by getting down and dirty with the person you love.

8. Drunk Sex:

You both get too dizzy and someone probably falls off the bed, twice. Drunk sex can be a lot of fun when both of you consent (that's the most important part of all) and you're doing it with someone you are comfortable with and trust.

9. Not-Sex Sex:

There's a bunch of ways people can “get off” that don't involve penetration. Foreplay doesn't always have to lead to sex – in fact, people love to 69 from time to time and avoid penetration altogether.

10. Sick Patient Sex:

Sometimes, when you're feeling pretty crappy, your SO will try to cheer you up with a good ol' orgasm. Don't knock it until you try it (unless you're contagious, then you'll both end up being hella sick and hella miserable).