Uber Driver Tells Story Of How She Accidentally Found Her BF Is Cheating On Her

Loyalty is just not in fashion these days.

Long-term relationships are well and truly dead in 2018. Loyalty is dead and statistics seem to bear the experts who claim so. In the olden days when they didn’t have internet, there were bars. There’s always something or the other that makes it easier for people to go astray. We’re no longer convinced with the existence of long-term relationships. Even though there still is “something” that can be labeled as a bond between two people, the romanticized idea of love at first sight and long-term romances just don’t exist anymore.

It may sound as terribly bitter but what society perceived as love decades ago has evolved into meaningless companionship. In this companionship, the weaker one falls prey to the vulnerabilities of emotions and broken promises. And this Uber driver’s story of how she accidentally found her boyfriend cheating on her will make you want to stay single forever.

This Uber driver picked a girl up to drop her off to a dick appointment which turned out to be her man’s house.

Her man basically told her that he was going to see his mom and had his luggage packed and everything.

They parted ways earlier that morning and he drove off like he was going to the airport.

Fast forward a couple of hours.

She’s excited.

What a coincidence!

While she was getting the apartment’s address…

Riding through the buildings.

The Uber driver saw her boyfriend’s car parked outside the address.

Burning up inside!

What a douche bag!

On the plus side, she now has new luggage.

It’s all an art.

She is back on the market!

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This article was originally published on RearFront.