Welp, We’ve All Been Using Can-Openers Totally Wrong

There are many things in this world that are extremely complicated to understand. Like, for example: love, calculus, how Donald Trump became the president of an entire country–you know, super confusing things. But, for every complex and complicated situation, there are easy-to-understand things.
One of these happens to be the can-opener–an easy-to-use kitchen appliance that has been a staple of our homes for decades. It seems almost impossible that you can use a can-opener wrong–or else, you probably wouldn’t be able to open any cans, right? Wrong. According to Reddit and a video posted on the site, we’ve all been using can-openers completely wrong forever.

While most people use can-openers like this:

The video claims that the proper way is to do it like this:

Take a look here:

The whole method of doing it the “proper” way apparently is because it will have the top of the can caught to the can-opener, instead of having to take it off with your fingers after opening it.

Since the video has gone viral on social media, people online are having moments where they feel as though they have finally seen the light.

You’re welcome, everyone.