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14 Wholesome Tweets That’ll Completely Turn Your Day Around

Maybe it’s those work day blues, maybe you’ve turned on the news and want to scream into your couch pillow, or maybe you’ve just realized that Flint still doesn’t have access to safe drinking water. No matter the reason, we could all use a pick me up, and folks, let me tell you that in times of darkness there are few better places to turn to than good, wholesome memes. Memes that’ll chase away the bad thoughts and fill your head with reminders that there are good people, good dogs, and good things in the world.


1. This Unexpected Sighting Of Matching Grannies

2. This Friend Who Stepped Up To Make The Best DBZ Baby Shower Ever

3. These Friends Proving Distance Is Just A Number

4. The Most Thoughtful Woofer

5. The Best Little Brother A Sister Could Ask For

6. This Grandpa Who Loves His Granddaughter And, One Sec, I’ve Got Something In My Eye

7. This Excellent Dog Who Should Be The New Universal Measurement

8. The Sheer Dedication By This Very Extra Girlfriend

9. This Man, Ladies And Gentlemen

10. These Siblings Going The Extra Mile

11. This Bob The Builder Boyfriend Helping His Girlfriend Glow

12. This Thankful Moth

13. This Precious Pug Taking A Very Pampered Nap

14. This Trifecta Of Friends Pulling Off The Best Shot


h/t: Buzzfeed