This Woman Was Invited To Her New Boss’ House For Dinner And Her Husband Did The Unthinkable

Let’s be real people, we all know there are multiple versions of ourselves and our loved ones.

At least if we’re perfectly honest with ourselves, there are. For example, you may find yourself acting differently at a party with your lifelong friends opposed to say the first time you have dinner with a new boss. In this case, this poor wife was fully aware of her husbands potential for shenanigans; it’s no secret to her. That doesn’t mean she doesn’t love him or he isn’t a good husband. It just means he may not be particularly well versed in formal situations, especially with your new boss. Our friend defenestrate_me_now shared the hilarious tale on Reddit, and for that, we thank you, sir.

That’s unbelievable; I can’t imagine what he was thinking. In what world is that option? I’ve been to plenty of people’s houses for dinner before. No big deal, but kind of a big deal. I’ve also stumbled across foods I couldn’t stomach, I don’t like to cause a fuss, so I understand where this guy is coming from but C’mon man! There is always a better option than launching the steak out the window. When the host came back in and asked how you liked it? What are you going to be like I liked it so much I eviscerated any remnants of the meat at all? Rookie move dude. It gets even better; this guys wife mrs_defenestrator decided to share her account of the first time she went to her new boss’ house.

People on Reddit were absolutely loving this story–come on, admit it, it’s absolutely hilarious and one of those “you’ll never live this down” type of things.