Woman’s List Of ‘Cringe-Worthy Men’ Is Eye-Opening About The Issues Women Face With Dating

When it comes to dating, many women will claim they have a “type” of guy they usually go for.

After they’ve been dating for a while, they usually develop a type of guy they stay away from altogether–knowing they set themselves up for failure and hurt. Some women stay away from a plethora of men, due to their beliefs/attitudes/views/values. One Facebook user–Avinka Gupta–decided to create a list of “Types Of Men On My Cringe-List,” and, while it’s incredibly detailed, it’s also incredibly eye-opening to see how women are sometimes at a loss in the dating world nowadays.


Since posting the list to Facebook, Avnika has received a ton of backlash from both men and women who claim her list is incredibly judgmental and unfair–claiming she’s generalizing all men through “experience with only some men.”

What do you think–fair or way too much?