Woman Trolls Her Annoying, Narcissistic Co-Worker With A Five-Year-Long Prank

We all know one person in our lives that is so self-absorbed and obsessed, they hardly hear anyone when they are talking. No matter what we say to them, they won’t remember because they are too concerned with what they’re saying.
Tumblr user Amy has a co-worker, Faye, who is the epitome of narcissistic. Whenever Amy speaks to her, she hardly can remember anything she says–nor does she care. It’s so bad, that Faye doesn’t even call Amy by her real name, instead, she calls her Emily. So, to “prank” Faye, Amy decided to go on a long, five-year-long story of absolute lies.

Obviously, not everyone has enough patience to go along with a prank for five years, or even one year, but sometimes–taking that time out to get one over on someone who deserves it is that much more satisfying.

h/t: BoredPanda.