25 Women On How They Let Their Oblivious Partners Know They Want To Bone


Today I walked into his room, pretended to be a robot, and in my best robot voice said “Proceed with the sex.” Made him giggle, and I got pounded ūüėČ

17. liz_lemon_lover:

I always say “Do you want to have a shower?”. It means lets get clean and then dirty.

18. pamzee70:

Wear a short skirt with no panties and bend over in front of him.

19. Jilleybean:

My husband prefers subtle! It kinda gives him the opportunity to relax and get into it. Usually we cuddle up spooning and if I’m horny I grab his hand and put it on my breast. Then he knows I’m into it and if he returns the stimulation I know he’s into it. It’s nice ūüôā