30 Women Reveal The Scariest Ways Guys Have Reacted To Rejection


My ex boyfriend wanted me back two years after we broke up (he cheated on me for the 3rd time and it disgusted me and I lost all feelings but we were semi friends) and I told him I would never feel that way about him again so he should move on. One day we were watching tv and I fell asleep on his couch and woke up to him raping me. He said he thought I wanted it. Because I was making noises. In my sleep.



When I was 19 I told a guy on tinder that I had only been talking to for a few days (and had never met) that I was getting back together with my boyfriend and that I wasn’t going to be talking to him anymore. Cut to three years later when I’m almost 23 when, at 2 AM, I get a string of texts from an unrecognizable number asking about the status of my relationship along with screenshots of EVERY. SINGLE. TEXT. from that 3-night exchange. I immediately told him to leave me alone and blocked the number. When I told my roommates they all freaked out. Creepy.



I was once visiting with an ex boyfriend and he was trying to get back together or at least hook up. I was seeing someone else and used that as an excuse, he said he didn’t care and continued to pressure me. I told him I had no desire to be with him and he got on top of me, held me down and said, “I can force you. I’ll rape you, then tell him you cheated and you’ll have to be with me.” I lost my absolute mind which scared him enough to get off me.



I was at a concert with a few of my friends when a man came up to me and lifted up the front of my flowy dress and groped my vagina. My instant reaction was to push him away from me. Within seconds he swung with everything he had for my face. His friend intercepted some of his swing and so he only managed to hit part of my mouth. What I found most shocking was that the entire crowd around me stopped dancing, at a lively rap concert, in amazement of what just happened and nobody said a thing.



In high school I was friends with this guy named Danny. We would talk all the time and I guess that was enough for him to think I liked him. I didn’t. After I rejected him he followed me everywhere, it escalated from just walking behind me to brushing against me and then finally screaming in my face. I went to the school counselor and she did nothing to help the situation. Eventually his family moved away.
A couple of years later he wanted to be my friend on Facebook. I still laugh at the thought that he actually thought I would accept him as a friend lol. He’s in the military now and it freaks me out knowing a person like him is around guns.

In college I had another stalker. He wasn’t aggressive luckily but he would wait for me knowing where my classes were and would yell things at me while I walked past. I really got familiar with my college campus trying to find different ways to get classes to avoid this guy.