30 Women Reveal The Scariest Ways Guys Have Reacted To Rejection


When I was 13 my friends and I were at an amusement park for the day. We were taking a picture together and this group of guys (about 14-15 years old) saw us and came running over and jumped in the picture. We were annoyed and asked them politely to please get out of our picture. They refused and instead started badgering us about taking a picture with them (like physically grabbing my friends arm and pulling her back to take a photo). We were kinda creeped out and decided to just walk away. At this point they started yelling and cursing at us and followed us. We were scared, and there was no one else around that area of the park, so we just ran. THEY RAN AFTER US. We went into a gift shop and hid, but they followed us into there. So there we were literally were crawling on the floor to get to the back door of the shop



My roommate in college turned down a guy at a party. He showed up to our room and CLIMBED INTO BED WITH HER while she was asleep. We threw him the fuck out but never left the door unlocked again when we were just chilling in our room.



This guy asked me to hookup with him, and I politely turned him down several times. He offered to at least walk be home so I didn’t have to walk home along across campus and I said alright. He asked to use my bathroom before he called his Uber and then next thing I know he’s blocking the doorway of my bedroom and said I wasn’t allowed to go to bed till I have him a blowjob. I ended up calling my best friend which happened to be a cop, and he escorted this jerk out of my place.



I had dated a guy for about 3 months and at first things were great but I slowly started to realize that he wasn’t actually what I was after so after many times telling him this it got to breaking point. He apparently was in love with me and wanted to marry me. He lashed out big time, called me all sorts of horrible things. I told him I didn’t want to see or talk to him anymore. He continues to text and call, finally shows up at my work and corners me into talking. Eventually he left and I yet again told him do not contact me. A week later he continues to lash out, texting, calling. I get home, I had a feeling he may be there and I was so nervous. This sneaky bastard hides around the corner as I am pulling into my garage. I see him at the last moment and I am desperately trying to close my garage door but he keeps putting his foot underneath so I can’t close it. He forced his way into my garage, opened my car door and had me cornered there. He grabbed for me but I immediately told him not to touch me. He decided to say some choice words and he eventually left. Couple of days passed and I was so scared. He has since threatened his own life and has said some very scary things. I might need a restraining order.