25 Women Reveal Why It’s So Hard To Leave A Toxic Relationship

When it comes to unhealthy relationships, many people wonder why individuals stay in them for so long. People often believe that when you realize you're in a toxic relationship, it's easy to just walk away.
As it turns out, realizing your relationship is unhealthy and toxic doesn't make it any easier to leave. In fact, many who are in them struggle to walk away. Facebook users are sharing the reason they believe that women stay in toxic relationships–despite knowing they're bad for them. Some of these responses will truly hit home for many.


I don't think it's about the toxic relationship. I think it's hard for us to admit to ourselves that we are not the person they want to change for. Not the exception to the rule. We are definitely nurturers by nature and when we realize that that person won't “do right” for us we look for reason why it's our fault.

Channelle Osborne-Lewis


It’s definitely the fear of being alone and not having anyone but at the end of the day it’s not worth your overall happiness it drains you mentally, physically, and emotionally.

Neandra Mcintyre


Bc we invested so much time fixing it thinking that we can still save the relationship even if we have to give up everything including our worth.

Kyla Marie Carbonel


Bc he has your emotions and head body an soul all damaged up (fucked up) that it makes it hard to move forward and reevaluate yourself and your lif e,he has the person super manipulated to the point that where she thinks she's not worthy of a better life and a better lover.
So sad.

Maggie Estrada


Because we want so hard to believe that the person you love can change, and people can change but they have to truly see something wrong with there actions to change, if they are comfortable being who they are then they wont….we women tend to hold on to the person they used to be when they made us truly happy, and that's another reason why we hold on so long, we long for how things used to be, and we think just maybe , maybe if I hold on a little longer things will change, but unfortunately they dont…this is why there are so many broken people in this world , from toxic relationships.

Sonia Santos


Systematic abuse, both mentally and physically. Usually wears you so thin that you don't feel you deserve better.

Aimee Michelle Estrada


NO ONE wants to spend years tryna loosen a lid for a STRANGER to come and twist it rite off . You stay because you love them and really wanna be with them thru everything you try and fix it holding on to the thought of they’ll change and be like it was in the beginning . U put all this time and effort in a person building with this person things don’t work out between y’all after all those years they move on and be the person you’ve been waiting on for years for them to be when they was with you only for them to be that way with someone they’ve only known for days/months . I believe that this plays a part in why ppl stay in toxic relationships . It’s easier to say you should leave but it’s very hard to do.

Teia Powers


Because it's a bi polar relationship the man will straighten up for a little while give you hope that things will change then shit all over it , and you hang on to all the good times thinking it's worth all the bad, I was in one for 13 years i have only been out of it for like 7 months now so believe me I know how hard it is but I havent felt this good or happy in a very long time! Love yourself and get out of it , your worth it!!!!

Jazmine Meade


Because once upon a time he was that perfect man.Charming,funny,smart,attentive.His mask was peeling off by layers afterwards an we as women being blinded by love,we don't want to see the truth even after we see his whole face.

Emma Warren


Cuz there’s always that one lil part of us that feel like we can change that person back into who they was when first met them.

Jamilla Benjamin