25 Women Reveal Why It’s So Hard To Leave A Toxic Relationship


I strongly believe most women in toxic relationshit have not yet found themselves. U need to love urself before u can let someone else love u. How will u know the kind of love u want if u havent learned to love urself enough. Love u before u can love others. Self love ladies.

Ritzva Seelane


Because its not all bad, there are alot of great there aswell, and you believe that the person you fell in love with will come back. That all the bad/ negative thats started happening will end. It also happens slowly you dont even know that it is until your in too deep. And even if you do get out, he knows how to get you back, knows all the right things to say and do to make you second guess your leaving. Unless you seek help to understand the process and all the red flags it will keep repeating. Until you completely block the person out of your life. No contact what so ever because even hearing there voice can set you back in your process of healing. And the healing process is a very long hard road.

Heidi Cranston


Because you dont feel good enough. Like he’s the best i can do. You’re hoping that one day he will see what he does and how he acts and hope he changes. But when that day finally comes that you realize you deserve the world and he isnt nothing.

Britney Bayless


Because you do love them and they make you feel like you are the wrong one in the relationship so you doubt yourself and think your the one needing to be fixed so you continue to stay and they continue to use and manipulate you its a vicious cycle thats hard to break been in one and still am for 4 years on and off

Cammy Shackelford-May


It’s hard for us to admit that the man isn’t good for us. The relationship starts off good and ends up being bad. We also don’t like to let go because we think things will get better and we are usually in love. Well what we think is love. You just don’t want to be lonely either. In our minds we would rather have something than nothing. It boils down to self esteem also. When you began to love yourself more you realize you can do better you do.

Kimberly Jackson


We believe to much of the talk the words, I personally have learned if not backed up by better choices and action I cut the ties, it’s not worth it and being alone is not the worst thing in the world. And in most cases your better off, so many other things to enjoy it’s not always about being in a relationship, be strong, be wise.

Agnes Carrillo


Most females in toxic relationships have had emotional or physical abuse as a child so it seems normal to them but its not.its a pattern break the cycle! No matter how much you try or love him he aint gonna change unless he wants to I know its hard to leave but you need to do it. dont waste your time and put up with b.s just because your afraid of being alone.your worth more then what he’s giving you!

Maria Hernandez


Toxic person will put you at your lowest.. Lie and manipulate a person to make feel there worthless with out them.. After awhile that shit get in a person head they start believe it..

Rita Ceja


A relationship doesn’t start of toxic, even if you see things getting to that level, sometimes even when you’re seeing obvious flags..some of us stay hoping that the other person changes or at least tries to see their ways or actions as wrong. Some stay because of love, or not wanting to see themselves with anyone else or alone. When you get tired of trying though, and hoping the other person will treat you how u deserve to be treated and realize your worth..that’s when we leave.

Makida Stephen


Simply because we love the man who we are committed with. We are convincing ourselves that one day, everything will change and they will appreciate what we’ve doing and showing them. I, myself, believe that there’s more than what we are right know. Always think positively

Catrina Bless Manibog Laxa