25 Women Reveal Why It’s So Hard To Leave A Toxic Relationship


The fear of being uncomfortable. We get so comfortable in our toxic situations that we don’t want to leave. We fear starting over and having to do it by ourselves or someone else because you don’t know how it’ll play out.

Kamia Jackson


Toxic relationships…it’s poison flowing through our minds, flowing through our bodies. We don’t leave because we remember and cling to the days we didn’t have the poison. We remember and have hope one day the poison will flush out. Some people are lucky enough to be poisoned and work through their relationship. I think that’s what we hold on to. That small chance that it could be us. Our relationship could be the one that survives the poison and come out stronger. By the time most of us try to leave we’re so poisoned, so damaged, so addicted to the poison our minds and our bodies hold on to the feeling of this toxic poison. It’s a horrible cycle. Like addiction to a drug. Only you can make the choice to remember your worth. Only you can say when enough is enough. I pray for woman and men poisoned by toxic “love”. I’ve never been a subject to this, but I’ve witnessed it my whole life. It’s so sad some people just don’t realize their worth and they never get to experience love in real form.

Nancy Lopez


Often times we focus mostly on the good persona often minimizing the extremity of the abuse making excuses saying oh he’s just having a bad day he really meant that apology he really didn’t mean it he will change.Then you become so beat down that you don’t recognize how to get out of the relationship especially if children are involved you feel stuck like your unworthy to be treated properly.Often times we think things aren’t as bad as everyone says that is until you step out of the situation and realize yes it is in fact that bad if not worse.Luckily that quit being my life about four years ago with gaining back my self esteem and self worth u don’t wanna know how well it would turn out for him treating the woman I am today like that because I have zero tolerance for even remotely accepting that behavior again.

Belinda Marie Stemmene


Too like a drug, Love can become an addiction. That first time you aren’t of aware, physically and mentally of it’s toxin. So the second time you turn to it you become blinded to the curse it bestows on you and Boom! Your hooked until the Intervention! But I once said Love is a drug we all are fond of. Wheather your the seller, buyer, supplier,user, abuser, or just caught in betweeen. It’s hard and no-one wants to live solely alone.

Jacquelyn-Twinkie Mcfarland


To everyone else it may seem toxic cause it isn’t there way things should be. Now if it’s abuse different but we are all toxic in our own special way. We choose how we use that toxic we control it we choose what to use that toxic for.. loyalty love trust or lies Cheating heartbreak.. not just women but men too. There is temptation and toxic for every relationship.. a women doesn’t leave for the fact she sees the good the toxic he can do. Toxic is love. Love is Toxic. We get through it it’s part of life

Victoria Marie Cantu