‘World’s Most Tattooed Doctor’ Speaks Out About Body Ink Prejudice

For many who have tattoos and piercings, they know that complete strangers pass judgment without even getting to know you. For some strange reason, society had stigmas against those who decide to use their body as a canvas to create art. No matter the person, profession, or circumstance, many face discrimination. Even doctors.

30-year-old Sarah Gray from Adelaide, Australia is a doctor and surgeon trainee. But, despite her intellect and her hard work, Gray says she’s judged immensely by many.

People in businesses also sometimes discriminate against her. Although she has a blooming career and is very capable and bright, people see her ink and sometimes turn her away—like in stores and restaurants. Gray told Daily Mail Australia that she once went shopping for shoes, and like Pretty Woman, was turned down by sales associates.

They served all the other customers first and wouldn’t even make eye contact with me.

Another time, she went to a restaurant with a friend, management told her that they had a harsh policy against body art.

After being seated for lunch, management then came up to us and asked us to leave as they had a ‘no visible tattoo policy’ for diners. That was a little disappointing to say the least.

Gray has even been turned away from casinos with friends because of how much ink she has. But, she has not let anyone stop her on her journey through life.

Gray said:

Quite a few night venues seems to have this policy and although it doesn’t affect me very often as I hardly go out, it can be super frustrating when we get categorised as “bad people” or being gang affiliated due to our colourful skin.

And, Gray has friends and family who love her and appreciate her and all of her ink. Additionally, Gray says that her tattoos make her feel more confident in herself and her body.

And, despite her ink, Gray says patients and other doctors don’t treat her any differently.

Having colourful skin in no way affects your skill level and with all the anti-discrimination laws now it wouldn’t be appropriate to compartmentalise or treat me differently based on my appearance.

Totally agree!