10 Friends You Should Drop Before You’re 30


Friends can make life amazing – but they can also make it a living hell if you don’t choose them carefully.

We were all young and naive once (and honestly, a lot of us still are now). So while we hope that most of your besties fall into the first category, inevitably, you’re going to meet – and befriend – a few bad eggs in your lifetime.

Luckily, as we age, it’s easier to separate the real from the fake. And once you’ve identified them, cutting them out of your life is all that remains.

Here are the 10 friends you should drop by the time you’re 30…

1. The One Who’s Seriously Self-Involved


Friendship is all about sharing. You share clothes, gossip, and intimate details of your daily lives. You also share air time, so if your buddy is constantly monopolizing the conversation and you can’t remember the last time you’ve been able to get a word in about your recent promotion or your sister’s newborn baby – drop the b*tch. One-sided conversations are ridiculously boring.


2. The One Who Refuses to Grow Up

You’re not in college anymore. So don’t act like it.

Written by Ashika Sethi

A twenty-something who likes cold brew and loves The Office.