Posted on: Oct 14 2016

13 Ways to Banish Boredom, Even When You’re Broke AF


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Image via Odyssey
Image via Odyssey

Boredom. It’s the one thing on the planet that can ruin the sweetest thing humanity has ever known: free time.

Which totally sucks, since days when you have zero commitments are few and far between. 

Now, if you have cash to burn, boredom is easily cured.

But if you’re ballin’ on a budget, you’re often left with an impossible choice. Sit idly as the minutes drag by, or overdraw your bank account in the name of a good time?

…Or try out one of these 13 super fun, mostly free activities next time you’re bored out of your mind.

Who knows, maybe it’ll change your life.

At the very least, it’ll keep you from blowing your entire paycheck on a pinball machine for your living room.

1. Go Viral (Or At Least Try)

These days, who doesn’t have a great idea for a funny Youtube video? So go ahead – enlist a friend, bust out your smartphone, and try your hand at becoming Internet famous. Your public is waiting.

(If you’re not feeling too creative, you can still play this game – try going for a run in your old halloween costume in a very public place. Maybe wear a GoPro while you’re at it, so you get some good footage of bystander’s reactions).