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  • 16 Times Bathroom Graffiti Was Weirdly Insightful

    Let’s be honest – we’re all a little fucked up. And therapy is expensive. Fortunately, using the restroom is gratis, at least around these parts. (Apparently, the right to pee is not considered a basic human right in Europe, and probably a few other places. To each their own, but we have to wonder, would anyone […] More

  • 10 Things Every Technologically-Challenged Person Will Relate To

    These days, it’s hard not to have a love-hate relationship with technology. The zillions of gadgets we use are supposed to make our lives easier – and sure, sometimes they do – but they also break for no reason, make us scarily-sedentary, and cause otherwise-responsible people to walk blindly into intersections. Honestly, it’s no wonder that […] More

  • 27 Times The Real-Life News Was Crazier Than ‘The Onion’

    Much like chips and salsa at a Mexican restaurant, or your ultra-conservative uncle on Thanksgiving Day, it’s hard to imagine the Internet without The Onion’s biting satire of the human experience. It’s all fun and games when their faux news stories are ridiculous beyond belief. But from time to time, we come across a story […] More

  • 17 Times Spongebob Perfectly Summed Up Your Friday Night

    We all know that Spongebob was never actually intended to be a children’s show. (Or was it? We honestly can’t tell).  So it shouldn’t be too surprising that sometimes, the characters remind us of ourselves – especially when we’re getting ready for a wild and crazy weekend. Just admit it. Whether you’re Squidward busting a move […] More

  • 15 Typos So Accidentally Funny They Broke the Internet

    Expressing yourself isn’t always easy. Who among us hasn’t walked away from a dispute only to think of the perfect comeback, or fallen victim to a Freudian slip on a first date? And things only get more complicated when you bring written language into the equation. With over a million words just in English, knowing how […] More

  • Hollywood: Expectation vs. Reality

    As the world’s movie mecca and home to countless celebs, Los Angeles is definitely the place to see and be seen – at least, that’s what the entertainment industry wants us to think.  But contrary to popular belief, living in tinseltown isn’t all sunshine, rainbows, and movie premieres. In fact, for regular folks, it can be downright […] More

  • Good Food, Cheap Beer, and Hot Singles: the Top 13 Cities for Millennials

    There are officially more millennials living in their parents’ basements than there are striking out on their own, buying homes, or shacking up with bae. (I know, right? The twenty-teens are not a good decade to be a young person, and not even Snapchat can make up for that). But for the lucky few who’ve […] More

  • The 12 Customers Every Restaurant Employee Would Like To Strangle

    Eating is great. And eating at a restaurant is even better – you get to eat dope food, it makes you feel like a classy mofo, and you don’t have to do dishes. The thing is, your night out isn’t necessarily so great for the person on the other side of the equation. Namely, your […] More

  • If You LOL At These 20 Tweets, You’re Probably A Terrible Person

    …Is it wrong to laugh when something undeniably funny happens at someone else’s expense? Decide for yourself – but just between us, if you can read these tweets without writhing on the floor in a giggle fit, we probably can’t be friends. Here are 20 tweets that will make you #sorrynotsorry you laughed your ass […] More

  • 17 Tinder Bros We Definitely Left Swiped… Nope.

    21st Century life is pretty damn great. For one, you don’t have to get out of bed to do anything. Remote working makes it possible to clock in for your 9 to 5 in pjs. Apps like Seamless and Postmates will bring food to your doorstep. Talking to your friends on Facetime makes you feel […] More

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