Posted on: Jul 11 2017

17 Most Embarrassing AOL Screen Names


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Do you remember when your family first got a computer? And then the internet?! Those AOL CD-ROMs came in the mail, finally convincing your parents to download it and life would be forever changed. You’d wait patiently for the internet to connect as that little yellow man would connect you to the world wide web, so you could search everything you heart desired and chat with friends.

Wait a minute, the stress of an AOL screen name was more than half the battle of setting up your AOL account. You needed it to be really impressive, readable, and thought provoking. Your school friends need to be so utterly enamored by your screen name that they praise you in class. Screen names were the holy grail of internet chatrooms, therefore they needed time and energy in the thought process.

Looking back though, how many of us had ridiculously embarrassing screen names? I’ve gone through so many iterations over the course of my AOL use,  like my first ever screen name was ImNobody18 (what the f*ck was wrong with me?).

These 17 people admit their most embarrassing AOL screen names:


kewlchickforever. I was 12, and even that is a shitty excuse.


My roommate and I convinced our other roommate to make his AOL screenname Kool_Bukkake.


I was in a hurry and making an aim account, while i was not looking my dad typed in boomchucka and pressed enter


myst3rio0usly_d0p3_liAr I hate my adolescent self.