Posted on: Aug 12 2017

19 Harrowing Tales of Kidnapping Victims




I was 3, my sister was 4 & my brother was an infant. My biological father kidnapped us from Iowa & took us to New Mexico, where he left us with our grandmother for 8 months. While we were living with my grandmother, I guess my mom would call looking for him & looking for us, & grandma would tell my mom she didn’t know anything. She even cut me & my sister’s hair off to make us look like boys so no one would recognize us. I guess one day my biological father came to his mom’s and kidnapped us again from her this time, where she called my mom & told her what was going on. Mom got on a bus & came to get us.


My uncle was kidnapped in Mexico City. Unlucky for him he was kidnapped to take his organs. They had a doctor there that would do a full check up to make sure he was healthy. The doctor told them that he had cancer everywhere & he was unusable. He told them he was going to die probably in couple months anyways so there was no reason to kill him. They took him out of the city into the highway in between Mexico city & Mexico state. They literally threw him in a ditch & left him there. He managed to find a ride home. Since he heard the doctor talk about his cancer he went to the hospital once he was back. At the hospital he got a full check up, & to his surprise he was completely healthy, no sign of cancer. To this day we don’t know if the doctor felt pitty for him or there was a mistake on the test.


When I was 8 we went to Scotland to visit family & my alcoholic grandfather & aunt waited outside my grans house one day & took my sister & I while we were in the garden. Being so small & knowing them we went along happily. They apparently both had been drinking the whole day & were driving around drunk with us. We started whining eventually because it’s late & cold & we wanted to go home to our mom, my grandfather got angry & took us back to my grans and there were police everywhere. My mom had reported us missing, police had been searching for us all day, everyone was very stressed because a little girl had been attacked in the area just before we flew over. So we got out the car & there were officers & my mom running at us.