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  • These Two Best Friends Took DNA Tests & Discovered Something Crazy

    The guys above aren’t anyone famous, yet right now they’re making headlines. Alan Robinson and Walter Macfarlane have been BFFs for 60 years, which is already hella impressive. But that’s not what the big deal is. You see, these dudes have found out some crazy stuff about their family histories, and it’s leading them to be […] More

  • The Worst Santa’s Lap Photos to Ruin Your Christmas

    As a child, Santa’s is the most sacred of laps. You get on there, tell him your little hearts desire, and supposedly he delivers. It feels like magic, and you don’t realize you’re sitting on a potentially creepy dudes lap. That just doesn’t cross your mind when you’re little. But few adults in their right […] More

  • How the Grinch Became the Millennial Holiday Spirit Animal

    When I was younger I hated the Grinch. He was scary, mean, and just gave me the creeps. Sure, he redeemed himself in the end, and I forgave, but I didn’t forget. But then again, I’ve never been as nice as the Whos. But as an adult, the older I’ve gotten, the more I’ve started […] More

  • The Only Advent Calendar You Need is Full of Alcohol

    Alcohol and the holidays go hand in hand. Maybe you’re celebrating, ’cause tis the season and all that jazz. Or perhaps you despise the holidays, and can’t handle your fam, so you drink to cope. Don’t worry, we’ve all been there. Regardless of why you’re drinking this holiday season.. you’re doing the damn thing. So […] More

  • The Force is Strong in these New Star Wars Sex Toys

    When you think of Star Wars you think of sex.. right? Okay, okay, maybe not. But words like action and excitement should come to mind. And when it comes to sex, don’t you want the same things? Alright to this is all a stretch, but hear me out. Star Wars should have always been incorporated […] More

  • These People Encountered Celebrities in Bizarrely Normal Places

    If you were to go somewhere to intentionally see a celebrity, where would you go? Probably to expensive hotels, restaurants, and shops, because they’re rich, wouldn’t they be where rich people go? Well, that’s not the case for all of them. We tend to forget that celebrities are human beings who just happen to be […] More

  • Women Confess The Weirdest Things Men Wanted From Them

    We live in a world where men expect things from women. It’s pretty clear, especially these days, when sh*t is out in the open and all over the news. There are countless stories out there that haven’t yet be told, and although the following tales are weird, these won’t be those kinds of f*cked up […] More

  • These Images Prove Chrissy Teigen is the Funniest Model Alive

    Chrissy Teigen is already well known for her social media presence. She trolls her husband, John Legend, on Twitter, Snapchats hideous photos of herself, and Instagrams her crazy antics. Some people may find her “annoying” and to those people I say: BURN IN HELL!!!! I clearly love Chrissy. She is unapologetic and isn’t afraid to […] More

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