Posted on: Aug 23 2017

These Are 19 of the Most Horrible Strangers People Had to Sit Next to



Image via Imgur
Image via Imgur

If you travel or take public transportation, chances are you sit next to strangers on the reg. It’s usually the kind of experience you wouldn’t write home about. Maybe you accidentally brush hands, but that’s pretty much it.

But we’ve all had that one shitty experience sitting next to a stranger. Whether the person smells like sh*t or is just a complete POS, we’ve all been there AND IT SUCKS. Seriously, how hard is it to just sit still, shower, and keep your hands to yourself?

Well, if you think you’ve had it bad, wait till you read what these 19 people had to deal with. They sat next to some horrible strangers. From people farting an entire flight to dudes groping you, these people had to deal with the absolute worst strangers.

These 19 people had to sit next to horrible strangers:


At bus stop in Richardson, this drunk guy sits next to me reeking of vodka, half awake, and tried so hard to keep his pants up. Next thing you know, he pulls down his underwear and wipes his ass with a newspaper he picked up from the ground. Threw it on the ground, looked at me and asked if I know him from somewhere. I told him I didn’t, then he went “Yeah.. yeah! You’re the guy that boned Mandy last Friday. I videotaped both of you’se, remember?”


I was sitting in McDonalds alone, and then, despite every single table and booth being empty, a man sat next to me, same side of the table next to me. He sat there with his soda, spinning his straw stirring his drink not talking. It drove me nuts and I left.


Flight from Frankfurt airport to Toronto, I was more hungover than I’ve ever been. I get seated beside some younger girl who is obviously very gastricly unwell. She was seated in the window seat. She was farting for the whole 8 hours. And not those “eww gross” farts. Those “my eyes are watering, get to a doctor” farts. And every time she got up to use the washroom (which was often) she’d crop-dust me with “I was holding this in until I stood up” farts.


8 hours, not a spare seat anywhere on the flight with this behemoth of a man unfolding himself into my chair regardless if i was there or not. This guy was massive. Keeping with the stereotype of the big hairy biker look from the 80’s he was quite fragrant as well. To use my seat I had to turn myself to face 45 degrees towards him so my right shoulder could move from underneath his left, and then cross my legs so they didn’t venture into his space for fear of being mistaken for a tasty morsel.