Posted on: May 19 2017

These 19 Ladies Have A Thing For Men in Uniforms



Some things are universally sexy. A nice smile, a full set of hair, and a great sense of humor, to name a few. Another thing nearly all women can agree on? The attractiveness of a man in uniform.

Seriously, dudes in uniforms can GET IT. They are suave and sexy as hell. When a man in uniform walks into a room, a lot of lady parts get drenched and they are like TAKE ME NOW PLS & THANKS.

But what is it about uniforms? Perhaps part of it is that you know the person is gainfully employed, so you don’t need to worry about a scrub. But the real reason is likely that a lot of us like authority figures. We like a strong man in a crisp uniform looking like a bad mother f*cker.

So cheers to the men in uniform, doing what they do, and the ladies that love them. And guys, keep rocking the sh*t out of those uniforms. And like… maybe where them 24/7, ’cause you’ll be swimming in poon.

These 19 ladies love a man in uniform: