Posted on: Aug 12 2017

19 Most Awful Things Parents Said to Their Kids


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Parenting styles are different but one thing is certain, they love their kids, no matter what. Raising unruly kids that don’t usually listen to you when you ask them to is pretty frustrating. Imagine spending all day taking care of another human being and in return, they decide to talk back to you and tell you horrible you are. That’s not cool, is it?

What we fail to realize when we’re younger is that our parents are human, make mistakes, and have feelings, too. It’s hard to comprehend, I get it, but this is true. So, that means that they can just as easily break and throw a tantrum as much as we can. Maybe that’s why pops spent so much time in his man cave drinking instead of hanging out with you.

Mom and dad needed space from the hellions they’ve raised and if they weren’t given it, some times they’ll say awful things that they regretfully can’t take back. Forgive but never forget, right? A bunch of therapy can get you through the traumatizing sh*t your parents have said to you, at least.

These 19 awful things parents have said to their children are nearly unforgivable:


Your sister was a disappointment, you are too. Now that she is gone, I can take over and fix you. My sister just died in an accident two days before my mum said this, have not talked to her in years now.


My son is a freshman in high school. We just moved to the area recently. Anyway, he liked this girl and asked her out. She said yes. So invited his girlfriend and her mother to our house for dinner. When they walk in, she litterally looks around and says “You better get knocked up quick honey. This one’s got money.” with a completely straight face.


My mum yelled at my brother and blamed him for her miscarriage. Really hurt hearing her say that.


I had a patient who’s father kept on asking the doctor how much weight he needed to lose in the middle of a crowded waiting room. The doctor tried to take him to the back but made the mistake of saying “he’s following his curve”. The father flipped out and said “I know he’s a little fatty, I coach soccer and I’m absolutely disgusted by him when I see the other kids out there twenty to thirty pounds lighter than him”