Posted on: May 20 2017

The 19 Most Outrageous Things Parents Have Said to Teachers



When it comes to their kids, parents can get a tad cray. Sometimes it’s justifiable, because you gotta defend your kid when someone else is in the wrong.

But some parents take this too far, and they are completely blind when it comes to their children – ’cause, seriously, not all children are precious angels. Many are actually living, breathing, terror monsters.

Despite this fact, many parents will fight for their kids, especially on school property. Whether it’s about grades, bullying, or behavioral issues, these parents get CRAY, and will get in a teachers face, no problem.

So unfortunately, teachers have to deal with a lot of BS. Although we are only getting one side of the story, these 19 teachers seem justified in their complaints. They seemingly have dealt with the worst parents alive.

These 19 parents said the most ridiculous things to their kid’s teacher: