Posted on: Sep 16 2017

19 Tips For Self-Defense Everyone Should Know



Image via Giphy
Image via Giphy

Unfortunately we live in a world where we all have to be prepared for violence. Whether it’s terrorist/supremacist attacks or sexual assault, everyone should be aware of the risks that could occur on a daily basis.

The best way to prepare? Learn self-defense. For some reason it’s not a requirement in schools, but it should be. Everyone should grow up knowing proper ways to defend themselves. Although women are more at risk for sexual assault, men also experience this type of violence, and should be equally prepared.

So please take the time to read the following 19 self-defense tips. Some are things you don’t need a class to teach you, but are excellent tips on how to get away from an attacker or just learn to anticipate a potentially violent situation. So please read and learn, and then sign up for a local self-defense course to learn proper techniques. It could save your life.

Everyone should know the following 19 self-defense tips:


When in doubt, shit/piss your pants. It’s absolutely degrading, but it’s surprisingly saved a few women from being raped that I’ve heard of and could save you in some other close-physical dangers.


There’s no shame in hitting a criminal’s beanbags.


When a situation feels off just LEAVE. Don’t worry about being rude or hurting someones feelings. GTFO. NOW! If you have to fight, fight to win. If your opponent(s) are physically able to get off the ground they are still a threat and need more damage.


The best tip I have for self-defense is to practice over and over and over in a non-critical situation. Find a self-defense class and go several times a week for a few years. This will make your movements instinctual and you will be prepared, but that is not why I recommend it.