Posted on: Aug 12 2017

19 Unbelievable Stories People Kept To Themselves




When I was a kid my brother and I were watching a big thunderstorm one night out the living room patio window. We lived in the country, down in a holler (Southern Ohio, here), and it was just pouring, thunder and lighting almost every few seconds. We had a tornado warning for our area, but big whoop, we got those all the time. The rain outside started moving sideways and the wind picked up to an almost deafening level. With our faces pressed to the glass window (like idiots, looking back on it now) we looked up and saw stars. A tornado had actually passed over the top of our house, but the hills around us must have clipped the bottom of it, because it never touched down on our house. We got to look up the inside of a tornado.


From 2nd-6th grade I was part of a pilot program the Department of Defense setup to groom kids of military parents to be future leaders. We were kept separate from the rest of the school, changed classes at different times, & went to lunch at different times to limit our interaction with “normal” students. They taught us foreign language, engineering, finance, public speaking, game theory, investing… everything we did was accelerated or well beyond what our age range was taught. Once 5th grade was over the program was scrapped, we were told they ran out of kids that passed initial testing, & released us into normal classes. I didn’t learn anything new until high school… I never really talk about it, no one really believes me.


I knocked myself out once by ripping a piece of paper.