Posted on: Mar 22 2017

These 19 Underage Drinkers Epicly Got By With A Horrible Fake ID



We were all underage once. Remember those days? Sneaking your parents booze and filling the bottles with water, paying older kids or adults to buy you beer. Ah, to be young again.

And then you hit the point where you can MAYBE pass for over 21. TIME FOR DAT FAKE ID. You are either one of those fortunate people that has an older sibling or friend that they can pass for, or you’ve gotta figure out a way to get one.

You spend an hour taking that perfect “adult” photo, find someone to make it through a friend or sketchy website, and pray to the lord every time you use it. But often that fake ID is a POS. You’re working with some crappy craftsmanship, and chances are that sh*t is getting confiscated ASAP.

But using a fake ID comes with many tales of nights gone wrong, and tactics used to get that booze. Yeah, it sucks then, but you walk away with some epic stories. So if you’re living that fake ID life, we feel you. It’ll be over soon enough, kids.

These 19 kids have been getting by with shitty fake IDs: