21 Awkward Queefs Heard Round The World

You know when you’re really getting it on and a sound comes from down under? And you think to yourself, “was that a queef or a fart?” Of course you know what that’s like! ‘Cause any sexually active person has been there and heard that.

But for some reason, even though it is totally normal, peeps still be grossed out by queefs. LIKE DUDE, IF YOU’RE POUNDING INTO ME, AIR WILL GET CAUGHT AND SOUNDS WILL HAPPEN. But whatever, to each their own.

Well, unlike farting, there is a specific time and place where you expect queefing to occur. It’ll happen when you’re boning, and if you’re lucky you guys can just shrug it off and keep f*cking each other’s brains out.

But some people queef at the most awkward moments. Like, queefing in a yoga class, or getting queefed on by a stripper is by no means normal and I FEEL FOR YOU PEOPLE.

These 21 tweets prove just how awkward queefing can be: