Posted on: May 05 2017

21 Awkward Things That Happened When Meeting The Parents



Meeting the parents is one of the most nerve wrecking things EVER. You just hope that it goes smoothly, yet never expect it to go well. All you really want is for it not to be a complete disaster.

So, what falls into the realm of disaster? Getting caught banging? Clogging the toilet? Saying something stupid? Yeah, all those definitely fall in the category of things you don’t want to happen when meeting dear old mom and dad.

So just don’t have sex (’cause you will get pregnant and die), and don’t poop in the house. Also, maybe just don’t talk all that much? Follow these rules, and your night won’t end up in the shitter.

Whatever you do, just don’t fall in the footsteps of the following 21 people. They met the parents, and it was one of the most awkward experiences of their lives. Yeah, some bounced back, but some of them ended up smack dab at the top of the parents shit list.

These 21 people met the parents and it was hella awkward: