Posted on: Feb 16 2017

These 21 Horrible People Cheated… With A Married Person



Cheating is so f*cked up. You’ve made a commitment to someone to be monogamous, and you’re just proving that your word ain’t sh*t. Seriously, there is nothing wrong with being single and f*cking around, so why not just do that and not treat someone’s heart like a punching bag?

Yeah, cheating in general is just horrible, but you know what is worse? Cheating with a married person. Not only are you sleeping with someone else, but you’re screwing around on someone you made a law-binding commitment too. SH*T IS SO F*CKED UP.

And then there are the people that hook up with a married person. You may think that since you’re not the one cheating on your spouse, that you’re not as much in fault as the married scum bag. If that is the case, you’re seriously delusional.

It’s different to hook up with someone and later find out their married and be like BOY BYE, but it’s a whole other ball game if you’re screwing around with someone you know is married. Seriously, if you’re banging a married person, and you feel ZERO remorse, then karma needs to d*ck slap you ASAP.

These 21 horrible people got it on with a married person and felt no remorse: