Posted on: Mar 23 2017

21 Ladies Reveal The Sexiest Thing A Man Can Do In A Public Setting


Crooked smiles, reaching up for something and exposing the tiniest sliver of abs, and just being considerate to everyone around are some of the sexist gahd-damn things a dude can do in public.

Sexual chemistry is a very tricky thing. Like, if the girl seems like she’s not feeling it while you smile in her direction while lifting 200 pounds of chopped wood, maybe cut your losses and realize there’s more to attraction than a smile and demonstrating your (slight) strength. Unfortunately, not everyone can be a sexy lumberjack. Le sigh.

But if mami is eye-f*cking the sh*t out of you, it’s probably because you tapped into something primal and sexual and maybe you just look like Ryan Gosling on a bad day. LUCKY YOU!

If you want the ladies to love you, consider trying these 21 things: