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  • Some People Actually Think These Things Feel Better Than Sex

    If you’ve had sex, then you know how utterly fantastic it can make you feel. And if you’ve never had toe-curling, passionate, enthusiastic sex? Well — that really f*cking sucks and I’m so sorry for your loss. You need to find some better people to f*ck. It’s biologically hardwired in our brains for sex to feel […] More

  • Women Explain Why They Call Their Partner ‘Daddy’ During Sex

    The first time I ever heard someone refer to or call their partner “daddy,” I was kind of put off. I mean, the connotation in my wide, doe-eyes was that anyone who brought up their dad in the bedroom had some major f*cking issues. Oh how young and naive I was. As the time passed […] More

  • These Hipster Opinions Will Make You Want To Punch Someone In The Face

    10 years ago, being a hipster meant rocking those oversized (and fake) black-rimmed glasses and sipping on the newest and boldest IPA while condescendingly explaining why Vonnegut was the most prolific novelist of our time and loving every f*cking minute of it. Why wouldn’t you? You felt better than everyone, your opinions and taste in […] More

  • These People Turned Down Sex For the Craziest Reasons

    Getting freaky is one of the finest and simplest pleasures of life. Though, actually getting to a point where you’re able to consensually and enthusiastically rub your junk against someone else’s junk can get a bit more tricky. Like, if Tinder has taught me anything, it’s that I now know how to pick the crazy […] More

  • These Supermarket Employees Are Real-Life Trolls

    The supermarket is a wondrous place. It houses all my favorite fruit, vegetables, and bread, laundry detergent, small home appliances, Hot Cheetos, and most importantly — booze. I go there when I’m stressed out, when I’m hungry, and when I’m about to cook up a fat f*cking meal for my friends and family. I love the […] More

  • You Didn’t Ask For Disturbing Face Swaps, So Here They Are Anyway (27 Pics)

    In a day and age of technical innovation and endless modes of communication, we can relish in the glorious World Wide Web and bask in the light of creativity and information. Modern technology allows us to stay connected more than ever before and with that, people have decided to use this technology for things that […] More

  • These People Don’t Have A Problem Taking Back A Cheater

    In a perfect world, we’d all put on our favorite Carrie Underwood cowboy boots and take a Louisville slugger to both headlights before he cheats, but in the real (more sh*tty world) — dealing with cheaters isn’t so cut and dry. And usually, we find out that bae has stuck their junk in and around someone […] More

  • These People Have Harsh Truths For Members Of The Opposite Sex

    You know what they say — “all is fair in love and war.” Well, you know what I say? I say “f*ck that bullsh*t because it’s that kind of backward and archaic thinking that got us into the mess of 2017.” Why should it be fair for a creepy creep to slide in my DMs with […] More

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