Posted on: Nov 04 2017

21 Make-up Artists Admit Their Worst Clients Imaginable


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Makeup artists do wonders, let’s put that fact out there. Seriously, whenever I walk into Sephora, all I ever want to do is get some sort of makeup by those perfectly primped beauties that work there. I can only do the bare minimum when it comes to makeup, so I’ve always been fascinated with those that are talented enough to not only do their own makeup so flawlessly but also help others achieve that look that makes others go, ‘YAAAS KWEEN!”

I’ve watched a bajillion YouTube videos with a bunch of makeup and beauty bloggers and I still will never reach the level that they’re at. So, I’ll just sit in my corner of the world and admire their talent from afar. Literally, makeup artists are artistes! The face is a canvas and whatever they come up with will most likely be insta-worthy.

But the hype behind the work of being a makeup artist isn’t all that glamorous. Yes, they get to play with the hippest new makeup products (HELLO FENTY BEAUTY!) but there’s always a downside that we normal people don’t get to see. One of the biggest downsides can be clients. Yes, we get it. You had a vision of what you wanted to look like and the makeup artist may have been a little off but you don’t have to be such a raging b*tch over it. Chill out, they’re human  and being paid to make your a** look good, so sit back down in your chair and slow your roll, girlfriend.

These 21 makeup artists admit the most difficult clients they’ve worked with:


Back when I worked at a Bare Minerals Boutique I had an older woman lose control of her bowels while she was getting made over.


Did a simple makeover on an older client. I always started out by stating that its YOUR face so if YOU are not happy YOU need to tell me – it won’t offend me at all, I understand that everyone has their own expectations, style and comfort level! Did a really simple smokey eye on her, asked her how she liked it, and the response was “Great! I love it!” She then got out of the chair, went to my coworker two feet away and asked her to remove her eye makeup and redo it because “that girl over there made a mess of my face.”


One of my amazing coworkers was doing her makeup for a local charity ball and she didn’t have any pictures, hardly spoke, and asked only for a purple eye look and neutral lip. She sat there looking angry the whole time, not speaking at all. Anytime my coworker asked for feedback she just nodded. Finally her boyfriend comes in towards the end and kinda cheers her up, but then she won’t shut up long enough to do anything or look forward at all. She asks for falsies and the girl doing her makeup is the go-to, but she was so unhappy with them she made us take them off and refused to pay for the now used lashes she picked out. And she hated every neutral lip color we showed her. She ended up picking a fuchsia lip color, which is far from neutral.


Once at a show saw a girl cry off FOUR HOURS of makeup because it was too heavy to take off quickly for the more natural makeup in the show afterwards. The makeup artists were FUMING and were literally trying to push the tears back into her eyes.