Posted on: Aug 09 2017

21 People Confess The Moment They Knew Their SO Wasn’t “The One”



Image via Tumblr
Image via Tumblr

There comes a point in any relationship when you have one particular realization. Something happens and you realize “this person is the one.” Or perhaps, you realize the opposite, and finally come to terms with the fact that perhaps that person really isn’t for you.

It could be that you hit a final straw in a shitty relationship. You’re like “alright, you’re a POS and I’ve finally had enough.” Or maybe it wasn’t something really bad that the person’s done, perhaps it was just a sudden realization that you weren’t really in love, and didn’t see a future with your SO.

Whatever the case may be, these 21 people all had a sudden “ah-ha!” moment that let them know their partner wasn’t “the one.” Although some found out a little late in the game, at least there came a point when they got out of a relationship that they realized they really didn’t want to be in.

These 21 people confess the moment they knew their SO wasn’t “the one”:


When her physical therapist massaged her cervix with his penis.


I guess I really, finally knew when they stabbed me. Essentially I was cajoled into having a threesome, and then after the fact they became very jealous because they believed I was more attracted to the third party than I was to them. I guess the jealousy mounted, because next time I was in a ‘compromising’ position (tied up voluntarily) they stabbed me in my gut. Went through my bowel which could have been incredibly serious. Stupidly (or luckily) they ran out of the house very quickly after which alerted my house mate something was up. I don’t remember much of immediately after but I came to in hospital.


When she said that I was too selfish of a person. This is less a representation of who I am and more of who she is. She was a PhD student in Special Education and her goal was to travel to war torn countries and teach english to children with disabilities there. I design medical devices in an air conditioned office, so to her, I wasn’t willing to personally sacrifice enough to help others. She’s a wonderful person, but I realized that I could never live up to her standards of altruism.


When we could no longer hold a conversation.