21 People Reveal The Most Disturbing Thing They’ve Ever Experienced

There are some things in life that one can never prepare themselves for. You never imagine a soul-crushing event happening to you, but then it does, and your whole world breaks into a million little pieces.

Maybe it’s a crazy and abusive ex who broke into your house and tried to kill you. Or you witnessed a friend’s mother collapse in the most blood curdling scream because she just found out her family died in a horrific car accident. Or maybe you’ve found yourself reeling in anguish and despair because the ultrasound doesn’t show a heartbeat on your 20 week pregnancy.

It’s hard to imagine recovering from such traumatic and disturbing experiences, but for most, life goes on — it must. One can only hope to spend the rest of their time on this rock with a sense of peace and an idea that happiness and joy can happen again.

These 21 people experienced some of the most unimaginable, devastating, and disturbing moments in life that no one should ever have to go through: