Posted on: Apr 19 2017

21 People Reveal What It’s Like To Live With A Terminal Illness


Finding out that you don’t have a full life ahead of you is a devastating shot to the gut. All of your future plans seem to drift further and further away into a realm of unattainable dreams as your mind, body, and soul starts deteriorating.

What do you do with your time? How do you cope? How much time do you even have left? You see the movies and read the inspirational banners on the internet about the terminally ill cancer patients that have a renewed and shining outlook on the rest of their days, but what about those who let their happiness and lives slowly slip away.

For some, it’s nothing dramatic and there are no parades of sadness and kicking and screaming. There’s no motivational speaking, no support groups, no finding peace. The sad reality of terminal illness is that it slowly chips away at your health and life until one day, you just can’t anymore.

For better or worse, these 21 terminally ill people reveal what life is like before the end: