Posted on: Jun 16 2017

21 People Share Their Biggest Cringe Moment



Life is full of cringe-worthy moments. Even the suavest of the suave have been dealt their share of awkward moments that they’d love to forget.

And some of us have cringe-inducing moments that are so horrible, so scarring, that they maliciously follow and haunt us for the rest of our lives. I will never forget 5th grade story time when I ripped a loud fart and blamed it on the boy next to me (Patrick, if you’re reading this, I’m so sorry).

But some are WAY worse than mine. Seriously, these 21 people will never live down those embarrassing moments, hence why their still talking about them to this day. But hey, if my dick was out during a performance in a mall surrounded by kids, I’d unlikely forget it.

So if you’ve endured a horrible moment you’d love to forget – don’t fret! You’re definitely not alone, and someone has probably beat you in the cringe-worthy scale. If you’ve got an embarrassing story you want to get off your chest, let us know, PLEASE!

These 21 people share their most cringe-worthy tales: