Posted on: Jun 17 2017

21 People With Terminal Illnesses Confess What They Want To Do Before They Die



Although death is inevitable, it doesn’t make it any less terrifying. We could all go at any time, and need to take advantage of all life has to offer.

But what if you found out you only had so much time left on this planet? You discovered you have a terminal illness that will rob you of precious time that you wanted to spend enjoying the world with your loved ones.

It’s incredibly devastating, and unfortunately is a reality for many people across the world, including the following 21 people. All of them have things they would like to do, whether that be traveling or spending time with loved ones. Although all these people have different illnesses and outlooks, they are all incredibly strong, and we are praying for them.

If you would like to help any of the following individuals make their bucket list dreams a reality, check out their posts here and join the incredible people on Reddit that are striving to make them happy in their final days.

These 21 people with terminal illnesses confess what they want to do before they die: