Posted on: Sep 22 2017

21 Sketchy Drug Deals That Are Scary AF


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So, you’re out with friends on a Friday night, enjoying a couple drinks. How else are you going to step up the party/weekend game? Drugs always up the ante, right? Then you go on a wild goose chase looking up a bunch of dealer numbers and hitting up shady friends that you haven’t talked to in a while in order to get yourself an eighth or more.

What’s your preference? Molly, PCP, weed, or shrooms? I’m sure you’ve been in the position where you’ve needed to score and have found yourself in a shady situation or two that you wish you weren’t in. And if you haven’t, then you’re a f*cking square. Step up your game, man. It’s all about making the party a little more fun, you know?

If you haven’t been just a little scared from an stand offish drug dealer, then have you even really lived? Shady alleyways, weird backseats, or creepy houses are prone to the “scary drug deal” and if you’re in or around those places, just know that you’re probably about to experience a weird AF interaction with a drug dealer. The more you know, right?

These 21 people experienced truly sketchy AF drug deals:


Went to buy 20 hits of acid from a preachers son. Guy had his own place. Walked in and he was dropping the liquid goodness on some smarties. While I waited, there was a girl sitting on the couch watching a porno. She was completely covered up by a blanket and fingering herself. I had to sit next to her. Very strange.


A girl I went to HS with had a drug dealing bf. She went with him to buy some PCP and the 3 dudes in the apartment smashed a bottle over her head, sexually assaulted her and him and robbed them.


Got pulled over in the car on our way to a music festival. It was a huge checkpoint with 4 different police units searching cars for drugs, 3 of them with dogs. I had an assload of weed in the back of the car. They checked our IDs, checked if the driver was sober and luckily decided not to bring over the dogs. Phew.


I got busted in a multiple-jurisdiction task force sting selling a half pound to a guy who was obviously flipping up… tons of cops, bulletproof vests, guns in my face, the whole nine yards. Ended up skating on the charges due to a technicality.