Posted on: Jul 12 2017

These 21 Students Gave Ridiculous Excuses… That Were Actually True



Image via the Odyssey Online
Image via the Odyssey Online

People always give excuses to get out of sh*t. Whether they want to get out of trouble or get out of doing something, excuse are a great way to avoid something. But the thing about excuses is that they’re often untrue.

BETCHES BE LYING. And those liars that make up fake excuses make it harder for those honest folks. So when they give an excuse, even if it’s something reasonable, people automatically doubt you’re telling the truth. Then matters get worse if the TRUE excuse you have to give is a little crazy and unbelievable.

These 21 students know all about people thinking their excuses aren’t true. It didn’t help that these excuses are so beyond ridiculous that there’s no way a sane person would believe them in the first place. But, they were in fact true! That one dude’s trumpet was confiscated by the police, and that other kid’s mom DID throw up in his backpack. So time to start trusting what people say.. and if not, at least ask for proof before you outright are like LIES!

These 21 students gave crazy excuses that were actually true:


10th grade, classmate comes in with no backpack. Teacher asks for us to pull out homework, binders, the works. Student can’t comply, since, ya know, no backpack. Teacher asks why. Student replies, “My mom took a shit in my backpack”. The teacher kinda just stood there for a moment, and then called the kid’s home. The father answered. I only heard one side of the conversation. Teacher: “Your son came into a class without his backpack, and claims his mother… pooped in it. Uh-huh… Ok.” After he hung up he just went back to teaching.


“I was running from the police”. Mind you, this wouldn’t be a surprising reason to be absent, they were just late…. the police showed up 20 minutes later quite surprised that their suspect was actually at school.


It was my very first day as a teacher. I had a student come in saying “Sorry, I was helping a cow give birth”. I didn’t believe him until he showed me the photos.


“I was at school on time, but I was in the office cause I forgot my shoes.” He really had been waiting in the office for his mom to bring shoes.